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This is the place to come for information about pre-paid funeral plans, funeral planning and all kinds of associated services.

You will find guides and lots of information about pre-paid funeral plans on this site as well as listings of providers in the UK. A pre paid funeral plan is a financial product that allows people to pay for their funeral in full or in part before they pass away. This means their loved ones are not left having to cover the ever increasing costs involved in a funeral. These plans can also include organisation wishes which can also remove much of the stress of planning a funeral after losing a parent or relative. As with all financial products it is very important people understand all the implications and small print and My Funeral Matters aims to offer useful information around this topic. This site is always growing with new useful guides and tips are being added all the time. We will be looking at different funeral options from direct cremation to different types of casket and ceremonial options among many other things.

If you are thinking about taking out a pre-paid funeral plan then please look around the site and enjoy all the detailed information we have. You may be looking to trace a funeral plan and our directory of providers can help enormously, we will also be launching a “trace and funeral plan” service very soon where we can do the hard work for you leaving you to focus on your loss and those around you.

If you would like to be included on the site or feel we are missing a critical topic please get in touch today.

Pre-Paid funeral plans are now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. My Funeral Matters is an information site and by no means offers anything that can be considered financial advise. Please seek the advise of a finance professional before investing money or signing up to any financial product mentioned on this site or any other.

This site is in no way associated with the now defunct Funeral Planning Authority and as such does not regulate or have any influence on funeral plan products or providers in anyway.

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