The Difference Between Funeral Plans & Funeral Planning

Although talking about death and funerals is still a taboo subject to many people, it’s something that can offer peace of mind and less stress for loved ones after we pass. There can be great confusion discussing funerals as there are different aspects involved: a funeral plan and funeral planning. But what’s the difference and why are they important?

Funeral Plan

A funeral plan allows you to pay for your funeral in advance to save your family from being faced with the unexpected cost of your funeral. You pay into a funeral plan every month that you are alive, and then it is paid out to your family when you die. Pre-paid funeral plans can be taken out by a funeral plan provider or directly from a funeral director.

What’s Included in a Funeral Plan?

Exactly what is covered in your pre-paid funeral plan will vary depending on your provider. It may cover viewings of the deceased, a limousine procession, and a church service. However, burial plots are often not included. Your plan also may only include costs that cover the cremation or burial, therefore if this is the case, your family may have to pay the rest of the costs for the funeral themselves.

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Having a pre-paid funeral plan in place offers protection to you and your family against the rising funeral service costs. It also helps your loved ones by reducing the stress and financial burden. Other benefits include:

  • No medical or health questionnaire to answer
  • Plans cover the cost of your selected funeral directors as long as your plans don’t change
  • You can usually pay in full or by instalments depending on what’s best for you

Funeral Planning

When you plan your funeral in advance, it can help save you and your loved ones from a lot of stress. Funeral planning involves specifying your wishes and creating a plan in your will that sets out exactly how you would like your funeral to go. You should always talk about death with your family before you pass so that they understand your wishes and know where to find your funeral plan.

What’s Involved in Funeral Planning?

Planning your funeral ensures you’re given the send-off that you want. You should think about the funeral costs and how much you’re planning on saving, or what your pre-paid funeral plan is covering. You should then decide on certain aspects of the funeral such as:

  • Burial or cremation (or a direct burial/direct cremation)
  • How you want your ashes spreading or where you want to be buried
  • What music you’d like to play at certain parts of the day
  • Who you want to come or who you don’t want to come

Your funeral plan can be as detailed or as general as you’d like. You can even go as specific as a certain food you want serving.

Benefits of Funeral Planning

Pre-planning your funeral is a sure way to ensure your wishes are met. But there are also other benefits that come with setting out a plan early:

  • You will be remembered exactly how you want to
  • It will relieve stress for those left behind
  • It will help you and your family save
  • It can ensure a less painful time after you pass

Are There Other End-of-Life Planning Options I Should Consider?

If you haven’t taken out a pre-paid funeral plan, don’t worry. Your life insurance can pay out a lump sum when you pass to your beneficiary. They can then use the money to cover the related fees.

As well as preparing for your funeral, you should also consider your end-of-life care. For example, where you want to be looked after and who will be your lasting power of attorney. These are things you may want to consider early to take the stressful decision off the hands of family members.