Prepaid Funeral Plan Providers

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans are a very popular way of paying in advance for your funeral or that of a loved one. They give peace of mind to you, knowing the people you leave behind will not have to take on the financial strain of paying for your funeral. They are a very popular product with more and more providers offering a range of prepaid funeral plan options. These plans can also be referred to as prepayment funeral plans.

Registered Funeral Plan Providers

At the moment funeral plans should be sold by prepaid funeral plan providers registered with the FCA. We strongly recommend that customers only choose funeral plans from providers that are registered with the FCA, otherwise they are not subject to any independent checks or scrutiny.

If you are in conversation with a provider and you’re not sure if they’re registered or not, you can check out the list of registered providers on the FCA website.

If you are looking for information about funeral plans and how they work please read our guides:

Things to consider when buying a prepaid funeral plan.

How does a prepaid funeral plan work?

Below is a list of providers the FCA has authorised – please check directly with the FCA to double check the provider is still authorised by them before buying:

  • Alternative Planning Company Limited (this includes Choice and Choice funeral plans from Funeral Partners)
  • Avalon (Europe) Limited
  • Avalon Trustee Company Limited
  • Celebration Of Life Planning Ltd
  • Central England Co-Operative Limited (this includes CEC FPL and CEC Funeral Plans)
  • Co-Op Funeral Plans Limited (this includes Co-op Funeral Plans and Co-op Funeralcare)
  • Crystal Cremations Ltd
  • Dignity Funerals Limited
  • Distinct Funeral Plans Limited
  • Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited (this includes Perfect Choice Funeral Plans)
  • F A Albin & Sons Limited
  • Family Funerals Trust Limited
  • Freeman Brothers (this includes Peter Christopher Freeman and Brigid Mary Freeman)
  • Golden Charter Limited (this includes Golden Charter and
  • Golden Leaves Limited
  • Haven Personal Funeral Plans Ltd (this includes Haven Personal Funeral Plans and Haven)
  • Independent Funeral Planning Services Ltd (this includes IFPS and The IFPS)
  • Low Cost Funeral Limited (this includes Affordable Funerals and
  • M&F Funeral Services Ltd (this includes M&F Funeral Services)
  • Open Prepaid Funerals Limited (this includes Open Prepaid Funeral Plans and Open Funeral Plans)
  • Peace Burials Limited (this includes Peace Funerals)
  • Plan With Grace Limited
  • Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd
  • Serene Funeral Planning
  • Southern Co-Operative Funerals Limited (this includes Southern Co-op and The Co-operative Funeralcare)
  • The Independent Family Funeral Directors Ltd (this includes Fosters Family Funeral Directors)
  • William Alty & Sons Limited

List last updated 02/08/2023