Trace a Funeral Plan

If a loved one passes away and you think they might have purchased a funeral plan, but you can’t find any of the information, you can use our tracing service to contact the providers to search for a plan they may have held.

How to Find a Deceased Persons and Lost Funeral Plan

Our tracing system is simple. We have a database that contains details of most of the funeral plan providers in the UK. When you fill out our trace a plan form we then contact providers (as per the terms) in one go for you. This saves you hours of time trawling through company sites and trying to get the correct contact details.

We will not respond directly to you, if one of the providers finds a match you will get a response directly from them. This means we do not handle any sensitive account information about the funeral plan itself and that remains between the provider and the next of kin.

We cannot promise a response because your loved one may not have had a funeral plan. However, we 100% guarantee we will contact the relevant people in organisations we work with so they are aware of your attempt to trace a funeral plan.

We will not use your data for any other purposes than to contact the funeral plan providers as agreed. We do not sell your data on and all data is maintained in alignment with the GDPR and ICO processes. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please fill out the form below to initiate a tracing request for just £9.99